15 Second Appetizer McGinnis Sisters
Cream Cheese Dip Mary Amedure
Grilled Jalapeno Poppers Bob Ariondo
Crab Dip with Zip Don Miller
Brie Appetite Zita Vennare
Sweet and spicy Salad Dressing Merisa Guenther
Cheesy Salad Dressing friend
Deviled eggs Linda Rohrbaugh
Deviled eggs royale Carol Miller
Raspberry Sandwich Spread Robb Miller

Side Dishes

Rosie's Vege Delight Rosie from Mt. Pleasant
spicy summer salad Linda Rohrbaugh
Seven Day Slaw The Hudson's
Wendy's Wonderful Bean Caserole Wendy Moyer
Colorful Collard Greens East End Food Co-op
Terrific Tuna Salad Beth Miller

Main Dishes

Tuna Tartare Jacky Francois
Crusted rack of lamb Jacky Francois
Grilled tuna sandwich Jacky Francois
herb chicken statler Jacky Francois
Shrimp a La Nu Nancy Dugas
Juicy Pork Wrap Robb Miller
Jim's Champion Crab Cakes Jim Holcomb
Sally G's Quick Chicken Sally Green